Bank (2015)

  • Directed by to be announced
  • Cinema Productions and others
  • Cinema Productions: creator & executive producer
  • Category: television pilot

A docudrama series about the rise and fall of banking in Charlotte. From the origins of banking itself in Charlotte right up to present day Charlotte and beyond, this series promises to be historical and hysterical. Charlotte, capital of “The New South.” Charlotte, named for Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who became the wife of King George III of England and whose statue greets arrivals at Douglas International. Charlotte, actually had an earthquake on the day that Nations Bank bought Bank of America to move its headquarters from San Francisco. Charlotte, portrayed as a farm field in Days of Thunder. Charlotte, where’s that? Charlotte, with the gall that dared take on New York City, London and Tokyo as the world’s banking capital. Charlotte, knocked back into mere regional status with the loss of Wachovia to San Francisco’s Wells-Fargo. Is Charlotte’s story ending — or just beginning?

Meet the movers and shakers. And guess which characters are based on real people and which aren’t.