Managing Your Career for Actors & Actresses

One-on-one coaching and consulting. No group classes but possible to teach couples such as husband & wife how to manage their careers without busting up their marriage. $50 per one-hour session. $100 flat fee per year for continuing career guidance with the goal of becoming a name actor with higher level of pay. Of course, money may not be your goal. Your goal might be getting an Oscar or an Emmy. Your goal might be getting roles that don’t bore you. Your goal may be something else entirely.


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free services

  •  As a community service to actors, extras, directors and crew in the Charlotte Metro area, we will post your self-promotional videos and audio podcasts free. This offer is limited to residents of York County in South Carolina and Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. and to Cinema Productions clients.




  • If you are seeking someone to review your movie or TV program made in the Charlotte Metro area and have that review posted here, just ask. We’ll do it free. No promises as to whether the review will be good, bad or indifferent but at least you will get free exposure.