current casting needs:

Will --  crew cut engineer in his late twenties, very logical, prefers black skinny ties, white short-sleeved shirts and black pants

Roger --  biomedical worker in his late twenties, longish hair, very creative, perfect singing voice, can play any musical instrument (you actually need multi-instrument musical talent), often wears hospital scrubs

Marsha --  a woman incapable of jealousy or envy or covetousness, sees no woman as a threat, with good reason, she pulls down an awesome income as a fashion model and may be more beautiful than Helen of Troy; she is in her mid-twenties

Nancy -- a blank slate sort of person, plain, painfully shy, stares at the floor a lot, not a feminist in any way shape or form (but can speak up when her intelligence is insulted), small, physically weak, short, slim, fashion challenged, practically Amish, 18 years old but could pass for a child, gentle, reluctant to talk

There will be opportunities for others to play bit parts as executives and managers.  Ad lib in one scene and dialogue for one chosen to play a departmental head.




future casting needs:

In the near future, will need extras as passers-by in a mall parking lot. So anyone who looks like they are shopping for clothes would easily win a part.


Further away, there will be opportunities for an assortment of people to play neighbors, stereotypical engineers, and biomedical personnel. The opportunities for the biomedical people are furthest away time-wise but also have the greatest opportunity of a bit part growing into a recurring character. In plain English, that means that you have time to do research, study and help create a character (an actor's paradise). Whenever inquiring, make sure the casting director knows of your particular interest in these kind of long-term but faraway opportunities. But for now, the four main leads are our focus.